Three Main Stages Of Our Society

Society has been around on this planet for a long time now but only a few of us really know what it took to get where we are today. Our society is like a very big organism, it matured with the eons past and it went through a lot of changes, just like the world around it.

A social change is a term that signifies the changes that affect the structure and the nature of social institutions and groups, as well as, the social relations between the institutions, the group and the individual. There are three different modes of social change and these modes are the three main stages of maturing of our society.

Whenever a social change is in question, the importance of these three modes simply has to be assessed. All three of these modes are very closely related and one cannot happen without the other. Each of them has a distinct impression upon the social phenomena and the way it functions.

Development, evolution and progress

Development means structural and formal changes on a general level. Every living organism had to go through this stage. The same goes for our society. It developed from the simple form only to gain its complex form that it has today. It develops in the sense that it grows and becomes more capable of performing more complex tasks.

An organism is fully developed when it can act on its own. Well, it is the same thing with our society. It is able to perform on its own, achieving harmony between the different social organs in order to prosper and function in a definite direction.

Social evolution is the next step and it means witnessing the progressive development of social customs, beliefs and ways and norms, as well ass, institutions, and associations. The next step, naturally, would be to progress even more. Through evolution, society progresses evermore. To truly progress means to evolve and develop.