Okdhslive : The Oklahoma Department of Human Services is a state agency that was founded in 1936 to provide help to needy individuals and families. The agency also provides help to the seniors and disabled persons of Oklahoma.

Supervised by Oklahoma Secretary of Health and Human Services, the agency has been offering several assistance programs throughout the years to the citizens of Oklahomans, and these include food benefits programs for needy families, child care assistance, and assistance for the seniors and citizens with disabilities. The department is responsible for handling applications and eligibility for Child Care, SNAP food benefits, Sooner Medicaid among others.

To increase access to these benefits and services, the department launched Okdhslive.org, which a website where citizens of Oklahoma can see whether they are eligible for these services. The website also allows the eligible Oklahomans to apply for these benefits and further allowing them to renew their eligibility.

Okdhslive enables the residents to access to these services at their most convenient time without the need to present themselves physically to the OKDHS offices.

Previously before the launch of the website, the residents had to leave their work to go and get the services. This was not possible for some people who have tight work schedules. The website has helped them get the services at their own convenience without necessary walk-ins. However, the system is not mandatory, and people can still choose to go physically to the OKDHS offices and get the services.

Services Available at Okdhslive

Through Okdhslive, the citizens of Oklahoma can access several services. These are detailed below;

1. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SNAP is a monthly benefit program that is provided to eligible residents so that they can buy food. The amount of the benefit is depended on the house hold size, income, and allowed expenses. One of the rules of eligibility to SNAP benefits is that your household must not have cash resources over $100 or monthly gross income of over $150. Also, your cash resources and mothy income should not exceed your household’s mortgage or rent, and utilities. Once your application is successful, you will be issued with an ACCESS Oklahoma Card that can be used at most food stores.

2. SoonerCare (Medicaid)

This is a health coverage program administered by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. It’s funded by the state and federal government and helps pay for medical costs for older adults who are 65 years or above, disabled or blind. DHS does not provide SoonerCare, but its work is to determine eligibility for the seniors who are 65 years or above, disabled or blind.

People who are eligible to this benefit include those less than 19 years old, persons aged 65 years and above, blind or disabled people, pregnant women, persons in need of nursing services.

Child Care Subsidy Benefits

Your child can be eligible for this benefit if he or she has is less than 13 years old less than 19 years old and is disabled. The costs are paid directly to a licensed and contracted child care provider. You may also be required to pay a portion of these costs if you are earning.

These are some of the services you can get at Okdhslive. Just visit the site and open an account to access the services.