MyTimeStation : Track Your Employee Time and Attendance

As an employer, you have a ton of work to do to keep your business running properly. Why trying to run your business, sometimes you may find yourself stretched too thin that you are not able to save time for the most important things. When you fail to attend to these important things, it can result in a poor performance of employees and with time, destroy your business. One important thing that worries many employers is to keep track of their employee time and attendance. But with the advent of technology, there is a modern solution that can take care of this while you’re doing other things. This is none other than an automated time and attendance system.

What Is an Automated Time and Attendance System?

An automated time and attendance system can help you save money as well as do away with the frustrations that come as a result of using a manual process. TimeStation is the latest automated time and attendance system that has hit the market due to its versatility, simplicity, and convenience. It’s a mobile app that is a perfect solution for small and medium employers who have been bored by the traditional system of tracking employee time and attendance.

Why Choose MyTimeStation

Unlike many automated time and attendance systems in the market. TimeStation has been designed to run on smartphones and tablets as these are the most convenient gadgets due to their portability. It’s an easy to use and easy to setup system that utilizes a Fast-Scan technology. The most interesting thing about this app is that it runs in the cloud so employers will not spend any penny on maintaining it as there’s no servers or software. It runs on smartphones running either Apple iOS or Google Android.

Another advantage of TimeStation is its versatility. It’s not only limited to businesses but can also be used to track time and attendance in schools, clubs, etc. When you visit its official website , you will also discover that it has a free plan when you begin using it. After this free plan ends, you can upgrade to different packages that they offer. No matter how big your organization is TimeStation can be useful to you.

Benefits of Using TimeStation in Your Business

  • 1. It reduces errors. TimeStation will reduce the risk of human errors encountered in the manual process of tracking employee time and attendance. It can eliminate errors in data entry and calculations.
  • 2. Increases security. TimeStation can be used to control employees’ access to certain areas and also track their entry.
  • 3. Increases productivity. TimeStation will eventually boost your business productivity because it makes the day to day operations a lot more convenient and efficient. The productivity will also increase as it eliminates time wastage of using the traditional methods. By doing this, it will free up employees time and decrease staffing overhead.
  • 4. Saves money. Using TimeStation will save a lot of money as it reduces labor costs. If you are an employer you how much time is taken to manually collect, manage, calculate, and process time data when processing payroll. TimeStation will eliminate all these hassles.

TimeStation is indeed a system that you should implement in your organization. It’s efficient and convenient and will save you money. Visit to get more information on pricing.